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Laser vision correction

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laser vision correction

Laser Vision Correction - Eye Laser Surgery

Laser vision correction is a perfect solution for all the people who want to permanently get rid of vision defects – far-sightedness, short-sightedness, astigmatism or a combination of those.

Due to the predictability of laser vision correction results as early as at the stage of preliminary qualifying examination, correction methods and new technologies, this procedure has become the most effective and extremely safe method of vision correction. In order to improve vision quality laser vision correction is also conducted in patients who have had a refractive lens implantation or a cataract surgery.

Laser vision correction is a modern alternative to traditional methods of vision correction, such as glasses or contact lenses. What is more, it gives patients incomparably greater sense of comfort, freedom and life quality. It allows you to practise your favourite sport or get your dream job, e.g. in uniformed services.

How does laser vision correction work?

Excimer laser beams reshape the corneal Surface, which results in correct focusing of an image on the retina, and a permanent correction effect, outright and complete. Laser eye surgery is painless and guarantees a quick correction of vision quality, which enables our patients to fulfil their professional ambitions and dreams which previously used to be beyond their reach due to vision defects. Laser vision correction allows you to instantly forget about limitations!

The ArtLife Ophthalmologic Centre uses a modern WaveLight® EX500 excimer laser, which allows for the correction of vision defects within a broad scope from -14 dioptres up to +6 dioptres, and in case of astigmatism – up to 6 dioptres.

After the age of 40, eyes lose the ability of fast accommodation, and a process known as presbyopia begins. Regardless of whether you used to be a short-sighted or a far-sighted person, you will need glasses for reading and working in front of a computer.

More information about presbyopia and monovision

One-day procedure

Our centre offers a comfortable one-day laser vision correction procedure which helps to save both your time and money. A preliminary qualifying examination is conducted in the morning and the surgery itself is performed in the afternoon on the same day. In case of the one-day mode, the cost of the qualifying examination is deducted from the cost of the surgery (provided the procedure is performed on both eyes).

More information about the one-day procedure

Is laser vision correction suitable for me?

A laser vision correction surgery is suitable for everyone over the age of 18 on condition that no contraindications are revealed during the preliminary qualifying examination. It is important for the defect to have been stable for at least a year, which allows for a permanent correction results.

You will find more information about the preliminary qualifying examination for laser vision correction HERE.

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