Laser vision correction in one day procedure. ArtLife Ophtalmologic Centre Gdansk Poland

The ArtLife Ophtalmologic Centre

Laser vision correction - one-day procedure

- qualifying examination and laser eye surgery on the same day
- examination price deducted when paying for the surgery on both eyes
- accommodation cost partially deducted from the price of both eyes surgery

Laser vision correction. Preliminary qualification form. ArtLife Ophtalmologic Centre

One-Day Procedure

One day will change your life!

Since 2009, as one of few clinics in Poland, we have been offering a preliminary qualifying examination and a laser vision correction surgery in a one-day-procedure mode. Over 90% of our patients choose to have the examination and the procedure ON THE SAME DAY.

If you choose the one-day procedure, the cost of the preliminary examination (250 PLN) is deducted from the total cost of the surgery on both eyes.

Just  send an email and make an appointment for the one-day procedure and you will receive an e-mail with detailed information about how to prepare for the surgery.

If you wear contact lenses, remember to stop using them at least seven days before the laser vision correction procedure.

On the day of the procedure you should arrive at a previously scheduled time for the preliminary qualifying examination, which takes about an hour. After a few-hour break (min. 4 hours – the time necessary for the pupils to constrict) you come back for the surgery and spend up to one hour in the Centre (including the preparation time, the procedure itself which lasts approximately 15 minutes, and the rest directly afterwards). In the morning on the next day after the SBK LASIK surgery (method used in over 90% of cases) you will have a follow-up examination, which will take about 15 minutes. If the surgery is performed using a different method (fewer than 10% of all cases) a follow-up examination will be conducted one week after the procedure.

Persons from outside the Tri-City who decide to undergo a bilateral laser vision correction surgery in a one-day procedure will receive an additional discount of 200 PLN towards the accommodation cost on condition that they provide a booking confirmation.