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Laser vision correction - ArtLife Ophtalmologic Centre

Laser vision correction

The laser vision correction is a perfect method of getting rid of sight defects, such as short-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism or a combination of these defects. The laser vision correction surgery includes modelling the shape of cornea with the use of the light of laser, which causes correct focusing.

Laser vision correction qualifying research - Centrum Okulistyczne ArtLife

Laser vision correction qualifying examination

The results of the qualifying examination decide, whether a patient qualifies for laser vision correction. During the test a doctor examines the structure of the cornea (these parameters are later entered into the laser) and exact values of the defect as well as individual traits of the eye.

Eye examination - Centrum Okulistyczne ArtLife Gdansk

Eye examination

If you feel discomfort in your eyes or notice the deterioration of vision, we encourage you to take advantage of specialist ophthalmological examination at our Centre.

Corneal cross-linking procedure (CXL)  - Centrum Okulistyczne ArtLife

Corneal cross-linking procedure (CXL)

The corneal cross-linking procedure (CXL) increases the chance for a positive result of qualification for laser vision correction in people who were previously disqualified from the procedure due to keratoconus.

Eyelid correction - Blepharoplasty - Centrum Okulistyczne ArtLife Gdansk

Eyelid surgery - Blepharoplasty

With the passage of time the thin skin of the eyelids lose their elastic properties, causing PTOSIS and give the face an expression of sadness and fatigue. Upper eyelids correction surgery (blepharoplasty) by removing unnecessary skin the image of thesad and tired person disappears. Blepharoplasty is also a way to get a hernia (the so-called "bags") and a combination of a hernia and ptosis.

Minor eye treatments - Centrum Okulistyczne ArtLife Gdansk

Minor eye treatments

Minor eye treatments involve lesions around the eyes and on the surface of the eyeball. To see the need for the implementation of the procedure, its details and the course, make an eligibility test-cost study we subtract from the price shown above.

Photo Therapeutic Keratectomy - PTK - Ophtalmologic Centre ArtLife

Photo Therapeutic Keratectomy - PTK

Photo Therapeutic Keratectomy (PTK) is a surgical procedure for patients complaining of corneal abnormalities (which may result in irregular astigmatism), corneal opacification, corneal scars (posttraumatic, inflammatory, or post foreign body removal), corneal degeneration and dystrophies.