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Laser vision correction in the summer


Laser vision correction in the summerFor many of us, the summer season is the time for holiday and relaxation, but more and more often it is also an opportunity to undergo a laser vision correction surgery.

Does the season of the year affect the course of the procedure or the healing process? Our answer is that every time of the year is good to perform laser correction! However, it is worth planning this time well in advance to be able to combine the convalescence period with summer relaxation satisfactorily.

Adherence to recommendations

It is absolutely crucial to follow the doctor’s recommendations and limitations right after the procedure (for up to a month unless the doctor advises otherwise) to avoid potential complications. The patients should:

  • avoid direct exposure to sun radiation – to protect the eyes they should wear sunglasses with a UV filter,
  • avoid bathing in water reservoirs (swimming pool, lake, sea) to prevent bacteria from getting into the eyes, which could contribute to the development of an infection,
  • protect the eyes from dust and pollution – sunglasses or protective glasses will be perfect for this role,
  • apply eye drops recommended by our centre – they prevent eye infections and inflammation and additionally lubricate the eyes. It is advised to use artificial tears more often (even once an hour) when in air-conditioned rooms or when the air outdoors is dry.

The favourite season of active people

While the summer season is an ally to physically active people, glasses or contact lenses are not necessarily. Diving, surfing, mountain climbing or cycling – these are sports in which glasses can be cumbersome and lenses can be even dangerous (e.g. cause a risk of infection when worn while swimming).

Laser vision correction is a non-invasive procedure, which enables the patients to return very quickly to their everyday routine. The convalescence period does not require staying in bed for a few days or weeks. Mild physical activity is allowed already a week after the surgery (depending on the correction method, individual patient’s features, and doctor’s recommendations). This does not exclude the possibility of travelling and spending time actively (e.g. walking, sightseeing or taking part in a bicycle trip). Swimming is also allowed after approximately a month after the surgery.

Laser vision correction in the summer – advantages

The season between June and September is when both students and teachers have fewer responsibilities, which makes it easier for them to reserve some time to undergo a laser vision correction procedure.

It is worth mentioning that the fall and winter time entails a greater risk of infections whereas during the summer we are less prone to diseases and common colds. On the day of the surgery, the patient has to be healthy, without any infections.

We do not recommend laser vision correction to those who spend their holidays in tropical countries as the climate is not conducive to the corneal healing process there.

The world without glasses can be even more beautiful

Picturesque views without glasses? Even with the tiniest details? It is possible! Laser vision correction will enable you to see all the most beautiful things without having to worry about glasses or contact lenses.
Laser vision correction and holiday at the same time? Now it is possible to combine both. Our clinic is situated only one kilometre from the beach (Entrance 58).

It means that when your family spends time by the sea, you can safely put yourself in the hands of our specialists. To help you save time we offer a one-day procedure – the qualifying examination and the surgery on the same day. A follow-up appointment is scheduled either one day or one week after the procedure, depending on the correction method. Make an appointment today by filling in an online preliminary qualification form, calling us or sending us an email.