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Laser vision correction surgery

- Medical staff experience
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ArtLife Ophthalmologic Centre procedures are performed by an experienced medical team, which guarantees successful outcomes.

Izabela Jonas-Sabiniewicz  MD, eye care specialist, ophthalmic surgeon

Izabela Jonas-Sabiniewicz

Doctor of medicine, ophthalmologist, ophthalmic surgeon

A graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of the Medical Academy in Gdańsk. In the years 1991-2018 she was an assistant of the Ophthalmologic Department of the Specialise Hospital Św. Wojciech in Gdańsk, then the Hospital Mikołaja Kopernika COPERNICUS Podmiot Leczniczego Sp. z o.o. Specialization in ophthalmology, under the supervision of dr hab. Janusz Jabłoński, obtained in 1999. She completed numerous internships and trainings in the country and abroad in the field of eye surgery and plastic surgery.
Specializes in surgery of the anterior segment of the eye, in particular surgical treatment of cataracts and in plastic eyelid surgery and eye area, both for aesthetic and therapeutic indications. She is a surgeon with extremely rich experience and abilities in the field of plastic surgery.

PhD, ophthalmologist, ophthalmic surgeon

Piotr Kanclerz

Ph.D., ophthalmologist, ophthalmic surgeon

Alumnus of the Medical University of Gdańsk in 2006. He finished his ophthalmology residency in 2013 and is thoroughly experienced in refractive surgery. In 2014 was awarded a grant by the European Board of Ophthalmology (SOE), which he spent in Institute of Vision and Optics in Greece (supervised by Prof. Ioannis Pallikaris). In 2015 he got his PhD in medicine. Since 2008 he has been working as an academic teacher in Ophthalmology Clinic of the Medical University of Gdańsk, where he lectures and teaches students (also English Division students) during practical classes. What is more, he is responsible for interdisciplinary cooperation with other clinics within the University. He is the author of multiple papers and scientific contributions. Member of the European Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons, the Polish Ophthalmological Society, the Society for Protection of Eyesight and Polish Presbyopia 21 Club. As an ophthalmologist, he specialises in diagnostics and surgical treatment of eye diseases and refractive surgery.

Mateusz Koberda

Mateusz Koberda

Ph.D., ophthalmologist, ophthalmic surgeon

Mateusz Koberda has graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, the Medical University of Gdansk (MUG), and has completed a specialty training in ophthalmology at the MUG Department of Ophthalmology. AS an academic lecturer he teaches students as well as both Polish and foreign doctors. He also works as an ophthalmology consultant at the Clinic of Obstetrics and Clinic of Neonatology of the University Clinical Centre in Gdansk. He is an active participant of and delegate to national congresses of The Polish Ophthalmological Society, an active member of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS) and the European Pediatric Ophthalmology Society (EPOS). He is also an active community worker at Gdansk Regional Chamber of Physicians. He is an author of publications in national and international medical journals. He participates in refractive surgery and ophthalmic surgery trainings in Poland and abroad. He specializes in surgical procedures and medical imaging of the eye and the orbital cavity both in adult patients and in children. He has gained professional experience at the MUG Invasive Medicine Centre in Gdansk under the direction of Prof. Krystyna Raczynska and Dr Leopold Glasner, as well as during residencies abroad, e.g. at Galway University Hospital in Ireland. In his leisure time he plays tennis. At the ArtLife Centre he conducts preliminary qualifying examinations, refractive surgeries, ophthalmologic examinations and minor ophthalmic surgeries.

Anna Napieralska-Urban  Scrub nurse

Anna Napieralska-Urban

Scrub nurse

Graduated from the nursing school in 1986 and has worked at the ophthalmological operating suite since 1997. Always smiling, a good soul of the medical team. She can lower blood-pressure even of the most stressed patients.

Iwona Bohatyrewicz  Scrub nurse

Iwona Bohatyrewicz

Scrub nurse

Graduated from the nursing school in 1986 and has worked at the ophthalmological operating suite since 2004. She is responsible for nurses’ work organization and patients’ well-being. She is an invaluable expert and with her knowledge and experience she supports the organization of crucial elements in the ArtLife Ophthalmologic Centre.

Elżbieta Zmorska  Ophthalmic nurse

Elżbieta Zmorska

Ophthalmic nurse

She graduated from nursing in 1991. Since 1999 she has been working in the Department of Ophthalmology of the Hospital Mikołaja Kopernika COPERNICUS. Since 2015 she has been a graduate of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the Powiśle College in Kwidzyn in the field of nursing. Now she is during the surgical specialization. Always mastered and helpful is a great support for patients during treatment.

Martyna Wachulik. Sales and social media specialist Artlfe

Martyna Wachulik

Sales and social media specialist

She handles day-to-day communication with the patients, their registration, and the creation of sales and medical documentation. She is also responsible for the artistic side of ArtLife – website content management as well as running the clinic’s social media channels. She writes articles for the website to ensure patients are provided with relevant, accurate information. Her passion for opera and theatre together with her creativity inspired her to study at the Pomeranian College of Visual Arts, where she completed courses in make-up and styling as well as film and theatre make-up.
She likes travelling, reading horror fiction, and developing her artistic talents.

Zawadzka Anna. Sales specialist Artlfe

Zawadzka Anna

Sales specialist

She holds a master's degree in chemistry from the University of Gdańsk. In the ArtLife Centre, she is responsible for daily communication with the patients, their registration, and preparation of sales and medical documentation. She also prepares summaries and analyses of statistical data regarding the Centre’s services and takes care of the provision of necessary medical, technical and branding materials. She performs all her tasks with full commitment and diligence. Privately, she is an empathetic person with a great sense of humour, a lover of healthy eating and sports.

Julia Zacharzewska Sales specialist

Julia Zacharzewska

Sales specialist

Since 2010, she has been involved in the sale of products, since 2015 she has been working in the ophthalmology and optics industry. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Gdańsk. She is responsible for sales and medical documentation, preparation of statistical data of the Centre's services, supplying the clinic with medical and office articles.Carries out her duties with commitment and passion, constantly developing new skills and broadening her knowledge in the field of services provided at the ArtLife Ophthalmologic Centre. Takes particular interests in traveling as well as getting to know different cultures and languages.

Evgenia Flek  The ArtLife Ophthalmologic Centre Director, the Chairman of the Board and the Founder of the ArtLife Company Ltd. in 2006

Evgenia Flek

Chief of ArtLife Ophthalmologic Centre,

President of the Board of ArtLife Limited Liability Company  

Founder of the ArtLife Company Ltd. in January 2006, investor and producer of the "Laser Vision Correction" project at the Medical Centre in Sopot in 2007, at the Health Centre in Gdańsk in 2008 and the ArtLife Oftalmologic Centre in Gdańsk in July 2012. Unbelievable organizational sense combined with sensitivity to human needs allows her to create the highest quality medical services. She had laser vision correction using the LASIK method on August 23, 2008.