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20-06-2022 - One-day procedure
I had a laser vision correction surgery on 26 May 2022. It's been less than a month and as soon as a few days after the procedure I could enjoy extremely good vision. Before the surgery, I had worn glasses since childhood, so it was an amazing feeling to be able to take them off after 19 years and still see everything clearly without them. The medical care provided by the clinic was fully professional, and the procedure itself was performed in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. When it comes to pain, the surgery was practically painless and I did not experience any pain afterwards either. I highly recommend it to everyone.
Olga [5.173.XXX.XXX]

29-05-2022 - Laser vision correction
I had an SBK LASIK surgery on 26 May 2022. Although my vision defect was quite complicated, I see very clearly without glasses now. The surgery itself did not take long. There was one unpleasant moment during the procedure, but the nurse explained everything to me and held my hand, which I must admit was very reassuring. After the procedure, I received eye drops, sunglasses and protective eye shields to wear at night. If you are afraid of pain, you have no reason to worry as the surgery is painless. I am looking forward to the moment when I can stop wearing sunglasses and check what it is like without them. I highly recommend the ArtLife clinic.
Ola [178.235.XXX.XXX]

25-04-2022 - Upper eyelid surgery - Highly recommendable!
On 30 March 2022 I had a bilateral droopy upper eyelid surgery performed by dr Izabela Jonas-Sabiniewicz.
I can wholeheartedly recommend this procedure to everyone. I am extremely satisfied with the achieved results. Highly recommendable!
Katarzyna K [77.252.XX.XXX]

26-01-2022 - 10/10
I had a laser vision correction surgery in a one-day-procedure mode. The service was very efficient and professional (it was possible to make an appointment in a week’s time and the receptionists were extremely helpful and answered all my questions regarding organisational issues and formalities). All the details of the procedure were lucidly explained to me during the qualifying procedure (the appointment took approximately 20 minutes). Dr Koberda can give comprehensive answers to all questions, hence the choice of correction method is not a complicated decision.
The organisation of the surgery (a few hours later) was smooth and prompt (about 30 minutes including the explanation regarding the use of eye drops, etc.). The procedure itself was painless, but the feeling of discomfort (a pinching sensation, photophobia and sometimes a feeling of a foreign body in the eye) lasts up to three days afterwards. However, your condition improves practically by the hour, especially on the third day. I reached the effect of full visual acuity a week after the surgery.
New vision, comfort, excellent cost-to-quality ratio (I had worn contact lenses for 11 years before I had the surgery). I recommend laser vision correction to everyone. There is no need to feel afraid (the whole procedure is often mythologised by the society and arouses unfounded fear of losing your eyesight or a fear of laser, etc., which is absurdity).

Karol [213.192.XX.XXX]

18-12-2021 - One-day procedure
Hello. I had a laser vision correction procedure on 30 November 2021 and I am very happy with the results. Before the surgery I had severe astigmatism. The first two days after the procedure were very difficult and painful and my vision is still regaining acuity, but I see better and better every day and I have already got rid of glasses. If anyone is still hesitating as to whether they should undergo such a surgery or not, I wholeheartedly recommend it.
Ania [31.61.XXX.XX]

13-12-2021 - 7 years after a surgery in the ArtLife clinic
I believe in the power of the free market and opinions expressed by customers, both negative and positive ones, as they all allow you to assess the quality of services or goods.But let us get back to the point! ;-) It's been 7 years since I underwent a laser vision correction procedure at the Artlife centre – a sufficient amount of time for a reliable assessment of the results.
All I can say is that I don’t regret having taken the decision to have a laser vision correction surgery. I haven’t had any complications following the procedure and I’ve had perfect eyesight for 7 years. I highly recommend the surgery!

Radosław [37.47.XXX.XX]

11-12-2021 - Happiness after the correction
I’ve undergone a laser vision correction surgery and I’m the happiest person in the world. The doctor explained everything to me step by step. The whole procedure went very smoothly and quickly. I was operated on by a wonderful, empathetic doctor who didn’t mince his words but told me exactly what can be done. The nurse is the right person in the right place, who managed to stop me from panicking, for which I’d like to thank her once again. I don’t regret a single zloty spent in the clinic, as the results are absolutely worth the money I paid for the surgery. I’d like to thank all the ArtLife staff and I wholeheartedly recommend the clinic to everyone!
Oliwia [84.10.XXX.XX]

31-08-2021 - I truly recommend the eye laser surgery!
On 19 August.2021 I had an SBK LASIK vision correction procedure. Before the surgery I had been using contact lenses for over 20 years. However, recently my refractive error (astigmatism), combined with progressive presbyopia, has begun to bother me, hence the decision to get rid of astigmatism. I am very satisfied with the course of the whole process from qualification, through the procedure itself and the follow-up appointments. I experienced improvement of visual acuity immediately after the procedure with a slight "mist" which disappeared on the next day. Zero pain sensations during and after the surgery. The least pleasant part of the process is wearing eye shields during sleep, but it's only for our own good, so there is nothing to complain about! I recommend the procedure and I am astnished with how well I can see!
Zuzanna [89.64.XXX.XX]

31-07-2021 - Laser eye surgery - I was born again that day
On 15 July I had a laser vision correction surgery. It was the day when I was born again. The refrctive error which I had corrected was -2,5 and -7,5 dioptres. Dr Kanclerz is a Doktor Kanclerz is a miracle worker. Thank you. I would also like to express my gratitude to wonderful women from the medical personnel, who were with me before and during the procedure. I wholeheartedly recommend the ArtLife Centre❤
Magdalena [188.47.XX.XX]

21-05-2021 – I've gained a new life. It's really worth it!!!
TI wholeheartedly recommend the ArtLife Clinic ❤
Full professionalism, extensive knowledge and a wonderful approach to the patient.
The first three days following the surgery were in fact very difficult, but that's nothing compared to the rest of life with healthy eyes and perfect vision.

Joanna [31.60.XXX.XXX]

12-05-2021 – Special tribute to dr Piotr Kanclerz
The surgery was performed on 14 January 2021. I had a refractive error of -3.5 dioptres to correct. Both the procedure and the convalescence period were absolutely painless. I received a very professional medical care and I was thoroughly informed as to how the surgery would go on and what I should expect. I saw perfectly clearly from the day of the procedure and apart from a few temporary problems (which were solved during the follow-up appointment) my eyesight remains equally good as right after the surgery. I would like to thank the whole ArtLife team once again and pay special tribute to dr Piotr Kanclerz.
Małgorzata [37.47.XXX.XXX]

17-03-2021 – Droopy eyelids
I had blepharoplasty a week ago and I must admit I am amazed with the results which are visible after such a short time after the surgery. If I had known before that the procedure was so minimally invasive and completely painless, I would have made this decision much earlier. If anyone is hesitating as to which clinic to choose, I can wholeheartedly recommend the ArtLife Clinic as the best place to undergo the procedure. I would like to thank my doctor and the whole personnel.
Magda P []

05-03-2021 – A dream come true.
It has been approximately 6 months since I had a laser vision correction surgery. The ArtLife Clinic has made my dream come true as the procedure enabled me to work in the police, which I had always dreamt of before I underwent the surgery. Unfortunately, a vision defect was an obstacle on my way to fulfilling this goal. Due to my refractive error I was disqualified by a medical board a few times. I am deeply grateful to the ArtLife team for changing my life. You are wonderful!!! Hats off to you. Thank you, my dear!!! .
Tomasz []

04-03-2021 – New life in old life ...
Hello there.
I had a laser vision correction surgery a year and a half ago. Without a doubt, it was one of the best decisions in my life, which made many of my problems permanently disappear - now I am fully aware of this. I wholeheartedly recommend dr Piotr Kanclerz and a one-day procedure mode, which turned out to be a really good idea. I saw clearly as soon as I left the clinic after the surgery (I had a refractive error of -2,75 dioptres before), the pain was tolerable and the convalescence period passed very quickly. In my opinion, it is definitely worth devoting one month of your life to make the rest of it much better. Since the surgery I have been encouraging my friends and family who have a refractive error to undergo the surgery and I have been recommending dr Kanclerz and the ArtLife Clinic itself to everyone. To me dr Kanclerz is a shaman :D I have met people who had their laser vision correction procedures in other clinics and their experience was not always as positive as mine. So if you are brave enough and if you can afford it, do not hesitate to change your life for better now!

Natalia [153.19.XXX.XX]

31-01-2021 – Another life!
Thank you for your professionalism, empathy and the chance for a different life without limits ...
I sincerely recommend !!!

Agnieszka [5.173.XXX.XX]

31-08-2020 - YES YES YES !!!
It has been almost 5 months since I had a laser vision correction procedure in the ArtLife Centre and every time I wake up and see the time on the clock without glasses I am extremely glad to have taken this decision :)
The consultation and the surgery itself was conducted by dr Mateusz Koberda, who thoroughly examined my eyes, referred me to additional tests and then patiently explained the character of the procedure to me.
Owing to a significant refractive error of -6,75 dioptres and the thickness of my cornea, I had the TransPRK procedure. I must admit the first few days afterwards were very difficult, with bothersome pain, swelling and excessive lacrimation. Vision is gradually restored and every day you see differently, so it is advisable to take a sick leave from work for this period of time. After two weeks, however, you can return to your regular activities, including physical exercise, travelling or working in front of a computer screen. If you have a LASIK procedure, eyes require special protection due to corneal incision. The PRK method on the other hand involves only the removal of corneal epithelium, which regenerates itself in a natural way.
My refractive error has been completely corrected! I regained full vision comfort two months after the surgery. I suggest you should be patient and, additionally, use good UV filter glasses, spend as much time outdoors as possible and limit the use of the phone and computer :)
I wore glasses since primary school, so definitely for the most of my life. I thought about the surgery for a long time and I hesitated, mostly because of the cost and the fear of potential complications. All in all, I am delighted with my choice, regardless of the price of the surgery and the pain I experienced after the procedure. Someone who has never had a refractive error may not understand my excitation, but laser vision correction gave me a new comfort of life. If you are considering undergoing the surgery, I recommend having at least a preliminary consultation in the ArtLife Centre! Dr Koberda will take care of the rest :)
Thanks and best regards!

Magda [94.78.XXX.XXX]

27-08-2020 – Upper eyelid correction
I had blepharoplasty on 15 July and I am highly satisfied with the outcome. I recommend the procedure to all those who are struggling with the same problem, because the effect is amazing and the surgery itself absolutely painless.
Lidia [95.222.XX.XXX]

30-07-2020 - No glasses at last!
Hello. I had the surgery on 23 July. Everything went smoothly, quickly and in a professional way.
I finally got rid of glasses and contact lenses and my life has become much easier.
I would like to thank Peter and the whole ArtLife team for the excellent service.
Kind regards.

Mariusz [89.19.XX.XX]

10-07-2020 - Life is much better now!
A week and a half ago I had an SBK LASIK vision correction surgery. Right after the procedure I noticed a significant vision change. The first three days were quite uncomfortable - photophobia, feeling of sand in the eyes, haziness - but all those symptoms resolved. Patience was important as every day I felt better :) The surgery itself was ABSOLUTELY painless. I was really scared, but it turned out that I needn't have been. Thank you for your professional attitude towards the patient, super friendly atmosphere and support in those difficult moments :) Now my life is much better, because I finally got rid of glasses and contact lenses. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN. I RECOMMEND THE SURGERY TO EVERYONE - THERE IS NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF :)
Agata [83.20.XXX.XXX]

05-06-2020 - Finally I see everything sharply without glasses!
Two weeks ago I had a laser vision correction procedure in your Centre and I would like to express my gratitude, mostly for the friendly service and for freeing me from wearing glasses. I regained good vision right after the surgery, but when I woke up the following morning I realised I had never seen so sharply in my life before. I would also like to thank the nurse for comforting me during the procedure. Now I know that there was no need to be afraid, but then… well… fear of the unknown. My best regards to the whole team.
Darek [89.188.XX.XXX]

05-06-2020 – A year after the surgery
Last year I underwent an SBK LASIK procedure. From the first day after the surgery I have had perfect vision and I had a refractive error of -7 corrected in both eyes. I have recently attended a check-up examination which confirmed that my eyesight was ideal. I am very glad to have taken the decision to undergo the procedure despite all the doubts I had. As soon as I had the preliminary qualifying examination I became more certain that there was nothing to be worried about. I had a feeling that I was in safe hands and soon it turned out that this feeling was justified. The whole procedure went very smoothly, quickly and without any complications. I was able to return to work after only a few days. Everyone was positively shocked to see me without glasses (I had worn them for the past 37 years). I wholeheartedly recommend laser vision correction in the ArtLife Centre. Warmest greetings to other former short-sighted and far-sighted people and the the whole ArtLife team.
My kindest regards to nice ladies from the ArtLife Centre.

Marek [95.50.XXX.XXX]

05-11-2019 - Blepharoplasty
My droopy eyelids had irritated me for a long time. Six months ago I had a blepharoplastic surgery in the ArtLife Centre. Today I am a happy woman. My eyes look bigger and my makeup is finally visible. I wholeheartedly recommend the ArtLife Ophthalmologic Centre. The staff are very friendly and professional. The doctor and nurses as well as receptionists explained everything to me. I felt extremely well taken care of. The procedurę itself was painless, my eyelids healed quickly and now there are no scars left.
My kindest regards to nice ladies from the ArtLife Centre.

Anna [83.21.XXX.XXX]

23-06-2019 - Eyelid surgery - a procedure really worth having
Two months ago I underwent an extended blepharoplastic correction. The results are amazing. My upper eyelids were so droopy that I forgot I had a permanent make-up, which is now visible again. My female colleagues from work were speechless. My eyes became radiant, my face regained its youthful look and I feel happy and I smile a lot again.
I highly recommend the surgery in the ArtLife Centre. As soon as you walk inside, you notice the professionalism of the team who work there. They all know exactly why they are there. Before the surgery, the doctor explained to me the course of anaesthesia, the procedure itself and the convalescence period afterwards. I work in front of a computer and I returned to work on the fifth day after the surgery. I would like to thank the ArtLife team and encourage all those who are considering the procedure and hesitating over their final decision. Do not postpone the surgery as it is really worth having.

Ania [83.23.XXX.XXX]

11-06-2019 - I strongly recommend the one-day laser vision correction procedure
It's been over a month now since I had my laser vision correction surgery. I chose a one-day procedure. The surgery itself took approximately 30 minutes and it was really painless. I haven't had any complications or any other negative experiences. The only thing which I still complain of is presbyopia - a condition that unfortunately the surgery doesn't correct. The clinic is extremely well-equipped, its personnel is very helpful and the doctor has an individual approach towards each patient, patiently resolved even unreasonable doubts and performed the surgery with great confidence.
I strongly recommend ArtLife and the one-day laser vision correction procedure.

Wojciech [83.5.XXX.XXX]

19-04-2019 - I highly recommend this clinic to everyone
I am extremely satisfied with the service offered in the ArtLIfe Centre. The whole team is very friendly, the doctor is nice, has an individual approach towards each patient and has conducted the surgery almost painlessly. I saw an instant result after the procedure and I did not experience any complications. I highly recommend this clinic to everyone who is planning to undergo laser vision correction.
Paulina [37.47.XX.XXX]

12-03-2019 - A clinic of miracles
I would like to warmly thank Piotr Kanclerz and the whole ArtLife team for the miracles they performed on both of my eyes and for letting me see as well as I used to back in the day! I know that it is simply medicine combined with optics, yet for me, as supposedly for other patients, it is a "new life". Professional and efficient care I received made me feel extremely safe and comfortable. Dear future patients… if you still have any doubts or fears, you should by all means shake them off! The results of the surgery outbalance the costs a hundredfold! I recommend this clinic without any hesitation!
Arnold [83.30.XX.XXX]

12-03-2019 - A clinic of miracles
I would like to warmly thank Piotr Kanclerz and the whole ArtLife team for the miracles they performed on both of my eyes and for letting me see as well as I used to back in the day! I know that it is simply medicine combined with optics, yet for me, as supposedly for other patients, it is a "new life". Professional and efficient care I received made me feel extremely safe and comfortable. Dear future patients… if you still have any doubts or fears, you should by all means shake them off! The results of the surgery outbalance the costs a hundredfold! I recommend this clinic without any hesitation!
Arnold [83.30.XX.XXX]

10-12-2018 - I higly recommend the surgery!
I used to be very sceptical about laser vision correction; however, in order to get my dream job I had to have perfect vision without defects. A long conversation I had with the ArtLife receptionist resolved all my doubts and as soon as two days later I arrived in Gdansk. On the same day I had both the preliminary qualifying examination and the surgery itself, and the results were visible from the very beginning. Both the doctor and the whole ArtLife team were very kind and friendly. I am extremely happy because thanks to the ArtLife Ophthalmologic Centre I have manager to get a job I had dreamt about.
Agnieszka [178.213.XXX.XX] 

07-12-2018 - Super happy!
I underwent a laser vision correction surgery on 29 November 2018. I am super happy with the results and I wish I had decided to have the procedure much earlier. The ArtLife team are very friendly and have a professional attitude towards the patient. I fully recommend the clinic to everyone.
Agnieszka [91.240.XXX.XX]

23-11-2018 - A miracle
If there is anyone who does not believe in miracles, it is high time for them to start, because miracles really do happen in this clinic. My refractive error of -11 dioptres has been fully corrected and the error of -12 dioptres in the other eye has been reduced to -1. Test results during a follow-up examination two weeks after the laser vision correction procedure were better than it had been predicted. I can see! What is more, the personnel of the ArtLife centre are very friendly, the surgery was conducted very quickly, efficiently, with the patients' comfort always being a priority. I received comprehensive information about all the details of the procedure and I am very grateful to all the persons who patiently explained everything to me after the surgery, when I was in a state of such shock that I did not understand much. I highly recommend the ArtLife Centre!
Anita [153.19.XXX.XX]

17-10-2018 – I recommend laser vision correction in the ArtLife Centre
I am very satisfied with the amazing results of the procedure. I can still hardly believe that after so many years of wearing glasses and contact lenses alternately, I can finally feel free and have perfect eyesight again! I would like to thank the ArtLife team for pleasant and professional service and I wholeheartedly recommend the Centre to others who wear glasses. There is truly nothing to be afraid of, and life without glasses is much easier and much better.
Karol [94.78.XXX.XXX]

12-09-2018 – Laser vision correction
Over a year ago I underwent a laser vision correction procedure. I must admit that the surgery performed by Dr Tomczak has completely changed my life. I am extremely impressed with her absolute professionalism and her friendly attitude towards patients. Before the procedure, she explained everything to me calmly and in great detail. She answered all my questions (even the ones I asked on the phone a few months afterwards) in a comprehensive and sympathetic manner. A REALLY BIG THANK YOU. All the best to Dr Tomczak and the whole ArtLife team.
Piotr [145.2XX.X.XXX]

23-05-2018 – The world looks different now…
I underwent the procedure almost two years ago. My vision defect was very serious and I had worn glasses since childhood. The world looks different now. My best wishes and a big thank you to you all.
Marlena [94.254.XXX.XXX]

23-05-2018 – Laser vision correction
Over two years ago I had a laser vision correction and I am extremely happy with the results. All the staff are very friendly, the doctor explains the whole procedure patiently step by step and always smiles, and so do the receptionists. I highly recommend the clinic to everyone. My eyesight is perfect and I’m really glad that I have decided to undergo a laser vision correction myself. Best regards to all the Staff of ArtLife and to the doctor who conducted the procedure. Thank you all once again.
Julita [94.25X.XXX.XXX]

21-05-2018 - ArtLife is a highly recommendable clinic because:
-it is conveniently located, within a 10-minute walking distance from a tram stop and only 50 metres from a bus stop
-there are two competent and very friendly receptionists
-the reason I made an appointment with dr Jonas-Sabiniewicz was my droopy upper eyelids; for several dozen years I had developed huge ‘curtains’ which significantly limited my field of vision
-after a thorough and very competent consultation, the doctor removed as much as a few centimetres of saggy skin
The surgery was painless, stress-free and performed very capably.
When I was given the anaesthetic, I only felt the first prick, less painful than a mosquito bite.  
During the procedure, I didn’t feel anything but agile, quick and gentle movements of the doctor’s hands, and the doctor’s immediate reaction to my slightest twitches.
As soon as a few days afterwards I could already admire the sensational effects of the surgery, i.e. a full visual field, which was the most important to me, and a beautifully performed cut and stitch, hidden in the natural eyelid crease, thus completely invisible.
It has been 10 days since the procedure, the bruises disappeared and there are no visible signs of the surgery.
My wife says that I look younger.
Compliments to the doctor for such artistic ‘darning’.
Many thanks to dr Jonas-Sabiniewicz and the whole staff of ArtLife.

Emeryt77 [83.142.XXX.XXX]

12-02-2018 - Life without glasses is the best!
It's been three years now, it's great, I recommend to all who still have any doubts and those who are scared. Life without glasses is the best!
Grazyna [89.13.XX.XX]

13-12-2017 - I definitely recommend it
Two months ago, I have undergone SBK Lasik surgery. -12 D plus astigmatism, age 45 years. Now my visual acuity is perfect, slight astigmatism remained in one eye, despite the doctor's cautious prognosis, that there will be about 1.5 D. The first two weeks were tiring, but after 2 months - great. I regret not having decided earlier for the procedure. The surgery itself – very calm and professional.
Joanna [83.16.XX.XXX]

12-10-2017 – What a beautiful sight!
I have undergone eye correction over 3 months ago and I still cannot get over how beautiful the world looks without glasses and lenses. I had a major defect - -6.5 and -7.0. Regaining acute vision is an indescribable feeling, indeed - a HD vision ;-) Ladies at the reception, the nurse and Doctor – all were very cordial, warm and professional. They answered every question, explained everything, and the procedure itself was short and completely painless. I honestly recommend!
Justyna [189.47.XXX.XXX]

24-04-2017 - Thank you.
I had undergone the surgery on january 24, 2017, I will not forget that date till the end of my life. The best decision I made in my life. Thank you very much! I sincerely recommend it to all people who think about the treatment and are afraid. It's worth spending 10 minutes once for .
Aron [83.23.XXX.XXX]

16-03-2017 –
It has been a week since my SBK Lasik surgery. It has been absolutely painless and very quick. I would also like to thank the entire team, which is very professional and dedicated to their work. The atmosphere of the clinic makes all the stress vanish and calms down any insecure patient. I will always remember what this clinic has done for me life and will sincerely recommend it to anyone who wants to change their life. THANK YOU once again. Greetings,
Robert R. 
Robert 16.03.2017 [89.229.XX.XXX]

10-03-2017 – Laser vision correction
On the March 9th 2017 I had my one-day-procedure surgery. I was very scared - which was rather unnecessary. From the moment I entered ArtLife for the qualifying examination to the very end of all proceedings I felt very good. Everyone is very kind and professional. During the surgery Mrs. Ela (the nurse) was holding my hand and I am very grateful for that. The surgery itself was very fast and I was very happy at the end of it. The Doctor was very calm – a fantastic woman who was able to transfer all her peace and calmness into me. The whole team is amazing and very positive. Thank you for my new eyes!
Magda 10.03.2017 [188.146.XX.XXX]

10-11-2016 –
A stressed man can easily find peace here. My refractive error was quite big: +6,5, (mixed astigmatism) in one eye and +5,5 in the other eye. The error which made my life very hard was repaired almost instantly!
Thank you for your very kind approach and support, great doctor and a disco while laying down ;)
6 weeks in Poland were the best holidays of my life – thanks to you all! ;)
Justyna 10.11.2016 [94.197.XX.XXX]

15.08.2016 – I recommend 
Few days ago I had my eyes operated. I had been suffering from astigmatism and myopia since I was a child (now I’m 42). The refractive errors were reduced from 3.75 and 3.25 to 0. Now I can see everything clearly, much better than I used to while wearing contact lenses. The eyes are healing just fine. Thank you for my new eyesight! I recommend this clinic to anyone thinking about getting a laser surgery.
Katarzyna 15.08.2016 [37.248.XX.XXX]

19.04.2016 – Thanks!
First of all, I would like to thank the whole team for their very professional approach as it is very important and helpful to any ‘stressed’ patient. YES!!! I felt safe. :) I want to thank you for freeing from the nuisance of wearing glasses or contact lenses.
Now I don’t have to wear glasses while playing football, riding a bike, driving a car or doing anything else in my everyday life. I consider my decision to undergo a surgery to be one of the best in my life.  I can assure everyone about full professionalism of the staff and their extensive care about the patient. What is more, I would like to sincerely recommend Laser Vision Correction in ArtLife. Greetings, Marcin
Marcin 19.04.2016 [89.66.XXX.XX]

12.04.2016 – great thing
I’ve had my surgery on March 17th. Like the ones before me, I would like to contribute my sincere opinion. The service is great; the procedure is so quick you don’t even have time to worry about it. And on the very next day you can forget about wearing glasses. Half of the success is positive attitude. The only thing I regret is not deciding for the surgery earlier in my life – I’m 51 now and had errors of +3 and +5 as well as my astigmatism reduced to 0. I recommend this clinic to everyone.
Alina 12.04.2016 [83.8.XXX.XXX]

20.11.2015 - Fantastic!
All it takes is one day to change your life. Error of 5,25 and a slight astigmatism reduced to zero. It is wonderful to flawlessly follow the whole Snellen chart in just few hours after the surgery! I sincerely recommend!
Marta 20.11.2015 []

28.10.2015 – happy
One month ago I had a surgery to get rid of my astigmatism. I still can’t believe how clearly I can see the world. Thank you for kind approach and thank you that such clinics exist. I recommend to anyone with eyesight problems.
Aga 28.10.2015 [217.99.XX.XXX]

08.10.2015 – Very happy :-)
Error of –9D reduced to 0. Since the day of the procedure (12.03.2015) I wake up smiling everyday. It is simply fantastic to be able to see things clearly. I recommend to everyone who is yet to be cured!
Domi 08.10.2015 [89.228.XX.XXX]

27.07.2015 – Procedure on a 17 y.o. boy.
In 2014 I went with my son, aged 17, to the clinic, the doctor examined him.
It took us 4 hours. They were the only clinic to admit a boy his age. We didn’t have to wait until he was 21. The next day after the procedure was great – the glasses went straight to the trash and he was really happy. :) Now he is able to ride his motorcycle safely as well as to do hundreds of other things that used to be a problem due to his glasses. I strongly recommend! I’m writing this because I was looking for such place for my son myself and I know how a teenager’s life can look like while awaiting for a better future. Thank you very much, happy mother with her son.
Malgorzata 27.07.2015 [194.73.XXX.XX]

25.07.2015 – Fantastic feeling
I had my procedure on 23.06, error: -2,0 and -2,25 – reduced to 0 :-)
Fantastic feeling, no pain at all, return to normal vision – almost instant.
I would like to thank a doctor and everyone who contributed to the magnificent outcome of the procedure and the friendly atmosphere. The big advantage is that the qualifying examination is done by the doctor herself. Greetings.
Elżbieta 25.07.2015 [31.178.XXX.XXX]

23.07.2015 – NEW EYES – NEW LIFE
I recommend everyone who wears glasses to get signed up for a procedure as soon as possible. The procedure only takes a while and you get up and start seeing clearly. My error was -4,75, -4,50 so postprocedural haze was no haze at all ;) Prior to the procedure, when I’d take my glasses off – that was truly a haze. It’s been three weeks since my procedure and I feel great, I wake up, open my eyes and am able to see the time on the clock! Fantastic ;) It truly impossible to describe, you have to experience it yourself in ArtLife!!!
AGATA 23.07.2015 []

16.05.2015 - SBK Lasik
On 4th May I had my SBK lasik procedure, diagnosis: hyperopia +2,75 and +3,0 with a slight astigmatism. I truly recommend ArtLife Centre, the staff is very friendly, helpful and professional. I would like to greet a doctor, the whole staff and the lovely lady who would apply the eyedrops before the procedure.
Jacek 16.05.015 []

16.04.2015 – I recommend!!!
I recommend this clinic. Friendly staff. The procedure itself took only 20 minutes. The laser operates only for few seconds. Totally painless – nothing to be afraid of. Nurse explained the whole course of the procedure to me and even held my hand to calm me during the surgery. It was really nice. After the procedure my eyes were a bit sore and there was some haze but next morning I was able to fully cherish my ‘new vision’ all the ailments were gone after just 1 night. Big thanks to a doctor and the whole crew. Honest recommendation!!
AgaUS 16.04.2015 []

10.03.2015 - procedure
It has been 2 weeks since my procedure and I only regret signing up for it that late. The atmosphere is indeed very friendly, the satisfaction after the procedure is real and huge, and the one day procedure mode is very practical – no time wasted. IT’S REALLY WORTH IT!!!!
Agnieszka 10.03.2015 []

03.03.2015 – Recommendation
Everything’s fine. Private clinic of exceptional quality, a doctor is a very good and professional. The best impression, however, was made by the raven-haired beauty sitting at the reception desk – I just couldn’t get my eyes off her :) I recommend this clinic.
P 03.03.2015 []

25.02.2015 - Laser vision correction
It has been almost a month since my surgery and I, ladies and gentlemen, am feeling great while my eyes are even better. I am mostly impressed by the whole staff, each lady did their best to keep me calm and relaxed before the surgery – I would love to thank for that once again. I have decided to have my surgery on the next day. I live permanently in London and, believe me, I am proud of your clinic! I dearly recommend to everyone, and wish all the best for the whole team! Thanks!
Annak 25.02.2015 []

18.02.2015 - Surgery
I’ve had my surgery yesterday and the world is more beautiful now, all that thanks to a doctor. I have chosen this clinic as it has been recommended to me – now I can recommend it to others. The surgery is completely painless. On the following they (today) I’m functioning normally. Very kind staff is willing to explain everything. I recommend this very clinic to everyone who has not decided yet. Big thanks to the whole staff for their professionalism.
Xenia 18.02.2015 []

09.02.2015 - I recommend
One month after my one-eye surgery I have returned to the clinic for a surgery on my second eye. I was totally moved by the outcome of the surgery (ask my wife, she saw it all ;-)).
If anyone has any doubts I invite you to come and admire the satisfaction on faces of people who had their surgery on the previous day :). Decision to undergo the laser vision surgery was one of the best I have ever made. I RECOMMEND!!!!
Radek 09.02.2015 []

15.01.2015 - I recommend !!!!!!!!
Professional, great organisation!!! It has been five weeks since my procedure, despite the fact that few ‘doctors’ disqualified me from the procedure. These people are just awesome!!!!
Mirek 15.01.2015 []

07.01.2015 - I recommend
I had my surgery at the end of December – everything went according to plan: no pain, zero complications so I could fully cherish the New Years Eve. I heartily recommend, the staff was super-nice. Full professionalism.
Sylwek 07.01.2015 []

19.12.2014 - I recommend
I have had a one-eye surgery, because the error in the second eye was minimal. Helpful staff, painless procedure and full professionalism. Satisfaction and comfort from the beginning to the end. Absolutely nothing to pick on even though I can be a ‘hard customer’ ;) I SURELY RECOMMEND!!
Radek 09.12.2014 []

05.12.2014 - outstanding
I fully recommend. Best way I have spent money in my life! I am currently signing my wife up for the procedure. I RECOMMEND!
Robert Wójcik 05.12.2014 []

28.11.2014 - Recommendation !!!
I’m absolutely satisfied with the procedure in ArtLife clinic. My error was -8.0, now it’s 0!
The procedure itself was quick and painless. Professional and very kind team. If there is someone out there having any doubts – I fully recommend. Best regards for the team and tons of encouragement for those still wondering if they should sign up!
Joanna 28.11.2014 []

03.11.2014 - Beautiful thing
Before the surgery I had been reading reviews of various clinics and that’s how I’ve found out about artlife. For the past few days I have been enjoying the most perfect eyesight. Professional and very kind staff. Aesthetical and well equipped venue. Preliminary examination – most profound. The surgery itself was not the most pleasant experience, but, after 15 minutes I was able to see everything ;) I would like to recommend artlife to anyone in doubt.
K8ee 03.11.2014 []

23.09.2014 - Thanks
I would love to thank a doctor for her professionalism during the whole procedure. My error, however small and only one-sided, was unacceptable in my dream work. The procedure itself was short and painless while the effects are TREMENDOUS! After the surgery, a doctor was very helpful in changing the date of follow-up examination in occupational health care facility. I passed the test and was able to start the course. Now that I have finished it, I can finally start working as a train driver ;) I recommend the clinic due to the full professionalism of the whole most helpful crew. Once again, BIG THANKS!
Paweł 23.09.2014 []

26.08.2014 - Every inch a professional clinic!
Hello. In July 2013 I have undergone SBK LASIK procedure and I must say that despite the huge error (-6,75 plus astigmatism in one eye, somewhat less in the other) a doctor managed to perform a miracle and I’m able to see the world like a newborn. Most kind staff, professional examination. Visiting ArtLife means being attended upon in the best possible way, just as a member of a family – that’s at least my opinion. What is more, state-of-the-art equipment makes great impression. I always take my son and father for the follow-up examinations. I recommend to everyone! Greetings for the whole ArtLife team!
Tomasz 79 26.08.2014 []

05.08.2014 - Professional care
Very kind staff, flexible terms but most important is the painless procedure and fully operational eyesight on the next day :) I recommend this clinic to all my friends – it is totally worth it to see the world after this painless surgery :)))
Aleksandra Kaiser 05.08.2014 []

24.07.2014 - It’s totally worth it!
Hello, on 21.07.2014 I have had the SBK LASIK surgery. Personnel and a doctor were very nice and helpful, ready to greet you with a kind word, advice, they even help you to find accommodation. There is no point in hesitating – it was best decision in my life! I would like to thank a doctor and the whole crew. Thanks to your help I can finally see the world in full colours – not grey and boring. Thanks a lot!
Ewelina 24.07.2014 []

06.07.2014 - I highly recommend!
Error – astigmatism +3. In October 2013 I underwent a surgery for both eyes and I do not regret it. Since then my life has CHANGED, I feel limitless. Invest in yourself! K.Borsuk
Krzysztof Borsuk 06.07.2014 []

11.04.2014 - Recommendation!!!
With clear conscience I recommend ARTLIFE clinic to everyone. All the money spend is totally worth seeing the whole world on the following day!! One day procedure – great thing. The staff is super nice an helpful, I did not doubt even for a moment that I’m in good hands. I have undergone a LASIK surgery which was totally painless and quick. I’m extremely happy that I had decided to do it, it was worth it. Greetings!! :):)
Natalia 11.04.2014 []

18.03.2014 - I strongly recommend!!!
Amazing, all in one day! Qualification and surgery (totally painless). On the second day, after follow-up visit I managed to drive 250 km without a problem. Today, after two weeks I almost forgot that I used to wear glasses. :-)
P.S. My wife has her procedure scheduled in 2 weeks.
Robert 18.03.2014 []

03.03.2014 - I heartily recommend the clinic.
Emilia 03.03.2014 []

31.01.2014 - I RECOMMEND
I sincerely recommend the clinic to anyone decided for vision correction. They managed to reduce my error from -7.75 to 0. The professionalism can be seen on every step.
Rekordzista miesiąca 31.01.2014 []

I strongly recommend the clinic to anyone who decides on vision correction. I have checked it on myself and I am very satisfied. My error was -4 and it was reduced to zero. Clinic’s professionalism can be seen on every step, from the very beginning of registration.
Great thanks goes to a doctor and I wish every doctor had so much kindness and professionalism inside. During the whole procedure I felt that I was in good hands.
Iwona Sz. 24.01.2014 []

09.01.2014 - I recommend
ARTLIFE - a place worth being recommended! Competent and nice crew. A doctor represented full professionalism. one can tell that she is doing her job passionately. SBK LASIK procedure made my -4 error disappear. :) Once again big thanks!!!
Kasia 09.01.2014 []

26.11.2013 - I heartily recommend
On November 23rd 2013 I had my refractive error of +6 reduced to 0 by SBK Lasik method, it feels great to see clearly without glasses after 40 years of using them. Perfect service, warm atmosphere,the doctor is literally sweet - full professionalism and culture. Really, from the bottom of my heart, to anyone planning this kind of procedure I recommend only ARTLIFE clinic in Gdańsk. Once again - thank you. Greetings.
Ewa Dąbrowa 26.11.2013 []

I recommend artlife to everyone. I’m very satisfied and happy to finally recognise my friends while walking down the street. Greetings to the charming team!
Mirosława 24.09.2013 []

11.08.2013 - I heartily recommend.
On 26-04-2013 my SBK LASIK surgery was performed - severe astigmatism. After 30 years of wearing glasses I don’t need them anymore.
I strongly recommend to those who are still wondering - the surgery is quick and painless.
The staff is very friendly and kind. A doctor is very nice and caring. 100% satisfaction!
Darek 11.08.2013 []

06.07.2013 - I recommend!!!
A clinic I can recommend, friendly and qualified staff, competent examination and surgery. I didn’t expect to get rid of -5.5 and -4.5 so easily. Amazing! :):)
Ola 06.07.2013 []

05.07.2013 - I sincerely recommend!
My SBK LASIK surgery was on 3rd July, I had -5 in both eyes, now its 0. A doctor is wonderful, very professional, kind and will answer any of the patient’s questions. Staff is A+, they treat patients very kindly, nicely and with smile. For everyone undecided: don’t wait, have the surgery as soon as possible!!! I sincerely recommend ArtLife!!!
Ewa 05.07.2013 []

28.06.2013 - Recommendation
I recommend. The procedure is quick and painless. It makes your life easier.
Kasia 28.06.2013 []

25.06.2013 - recommendation
I heartily recommend! The surgery is quick and easy, it’s really worth it!
After spending 16 years with glasses I finally don’t need them anymore ;]
Kasia 25.06.2013 []

24.06.2013 - I recommend
A+ for the service :)
Fantastic effects.
I recommend!
Andrzej 24.06.2013 []

24.06.2013 - ArtLife recommendation
I recommend ArtLife! My hyperopia of +4 and +6 was reduced to zero by a doctor. For past few weeks my life LOOKS different…World is beautiful without glasses!
B. 24.06.2013 []

19.06.2013 - one day only
My surgery was two months ago - I had severe myopia and astigmatism. It has been reduced to zero. Glasses or lenses - not a problem anymore. I truly recommend ArtLife!!
Elżbieta 19.06.2013 []

14.06.2013 - surgery
I have been, survived and changed my life!!! ArtLife is where the miracles happen!!! Professional team and wonderful care. Perfection by all accounts! Quick and painless surgery. Perfect vision on the next day. I highly recommend. Greetings to the whole staff.
Jolka 14.06.2013 []

09.05.2013 - hurray!
I Can See! I will recommend You and I where ArtLife. 4 and 5 are a thing of the past and end of glasses and anguish. Do not hesitate and let me add from myself that I just talked with a man like me ArtLife and client rather than cash donor.
Ula 09.05.2013 []

The newly discovered world with my fault I was practically blind now I don't wear glasses and I see these things that they can't see my colleagues from work even though they say that they have good eyesight. Thank a doctor for the perfect execution of the surgery and the entire personnel of the SINCERE and cordial GREETINGS.

Zenon from Slupsk   08.05.2013 []

02.05.2013 - I recommend
Hello. I had a treatment on the 01.12.12 r. I write these words now to appease people who are afraid of complications. If you apply to a doctor and a whole command, nothing should happen. Maybe my fault was not the biggest (-3.25) but this does not detract from the feeling of happiness, which overwhelmed when you no longer need to wear glasses. Greetings and thanks to the staff.
Alicja 02.05.2013 []

01.05.2013 - after the surgery
Hi, I'm already 5 days after the surgery, everything is in the best order. Heartily recommend coterie of very nice and friendly-ARTLIFE, family atmosphere. Laser treatment is not the most pleasant thing I did in life, but definitely worth it. I see and I have peace of mind for many, many years;]
Katarzyna 01.05.2013 []

11.04.2013 - my eyes
I have opened my eyes today and automatically looking for glasses on the locker nightstand .... though I do not know already what? ... the habit 40 years remained a joy full view becomes my new habit for the merit of the Doctor. Thanks to all the whole ArtLife staff for the care that your my doubts ...Today in the 4-th day after surgery so complicated, I can safely click on computer and express their joy in caring for others in need such care and doubters. Dear ones, you have to know that thanks to them you can really see perfectly again ... and the laser intervention if it only remains in the heart ... thanks a lot ...
Leszek 11.04.2013 []

08.04.2013 - annual bonus or winning in a lottery is nothing comparing to what they do in ArtLife
Hi. I also had a treatment at 4.04.13 I am happy in the same way as other people here. I left big defect +6D. Joy is great now, when you can take off glasses after 30-hundred years. If anyone hesitates, then I would urge on breaking the fear and discover of the new world without glasses, and we all know: the greater disadvantage, than the greater joy after a treatmet. Best regards!
Elżbieta 08.04.2013 []

26.03.2013 - Revelation
Revelation, can’t believe it, I don’t need glasses anymore. I am very happy and comfortable to write this email without them. RECOMMEND! Greetings to the whole team and thanks.
Hanna 26.03.2013 []

19.03.2013 - ArtLife is a reliable company
I am reading lots of positive opinions written by people satisfied from the laser vision correction treatment in ArtLife. However, I, the graphic-designer, would like to comment on my long-standing cooperation with Ms. Evgenia Flek, the chairman of ArLife. Let half of employers be as reliable as ArtLife in the relationship with its cooperatives. I always receive my salary immediately after a completed service - always on time, in accordance with the contract. ArLife is a very solid company - I am signing this with my “four” hands!
Malwina Gruszecka 19.03.2013 []

Something amazing. The laser vision correction treatment is fast and painless and what is the most important, you can see the difference in seeing just after leaving the operating room. The staff and the doctor are charming and really helpful. The staff will help you with advice, a good word or even with finding accomodation. They will answer all your questions. I recommend it wholeheartedly!!
Emilia 06.03.2013 , []

04.02.2013 - SUPER :)
It was worth to travelling almost 200km to have a (-11) defect changed to (0,0). Big thanks to the doctor and all the staff who were really nice. I recommend it warmly because it is really worth it.
Małgosia 04.02.2013 , []

25.01.2013 - Only ART LIFE
Today marks the first week since my treatment. Living without glasses is much easier. If anyone is hesitating to be operated on, do not hesitate any longer. I consider having the treatment conducted to be one of the best decisions in my life as well as choosing this clinic and the doctor, who is the best in her craft. I evaluate the whole staff with straight A’s. I recommend it to everyone.
Aleksandra 25.01.2013 , []

22.01.2013 - World without glasses.
Welcome warmly! 18.01.2013 I was operated on using the SBK LASIK method. After 40 years of wearing glasses (+6) I got rid of them with great joy. The Doctor and the whole personnel were very friendly and the treatment was fast and truly painless. Thank you very much and I recommend it to everyone!
Krystyna 22.01.2013 , []

19.01.2013 - revelation
I recommend it wholeheartedly! I have never spent my money in a better way. Nice service, professional staff, everything done in one day. I threw away my glasses with pleasure.
Artur 19.01.2013 , []

18.01.2013 - surgery
I had my surgery three days ago. Great thanks to the staff and a doctor. Lovely service. I highly recommend!
Ela 18.01.2013 []

07.01.2013 - :)
My surgery was two days ago. Big thanks to the staff and a doctor. Nice service! I strongly recommend!
Karolina 07.01.2013 []

26.11.2012 - ;)
I have just registered. The service is charming ;) The examination on one day, the follow-up on the next, and I will be able to function normally and pass the eyesight test (for service in the Police) without any problems? Thanks!
Adrian 26.11.2012 []

17.11.2012 - ArtLife is something I can recommend ;)
Helo, It’s been three months since the SBK LASIK treatment. Finally, after 20 years I dumped my glasses. Very nice staff and a doctor. You can tell that medicine is her true vocation. The treatment was quick and painless. I recommend ArtLife to everyone. :))
Magdalena 17.11.2012 , []

10.07.2012 - Great thing
I was operated on quite recently – about a month ago, but the impression is amazing! I am now eagle-eyed. I see very clearly now and, to be honest, I haven’t seen better in my whole life. Thank you so much for the care on the highest level. I don’t live in Poland, but I came here to ArtLife because of positive opinions of my friends and I don’t regret. Hence, I also recommend it warmly.
Asia 10.07.2012 , []

05.07.2012 - new life :-)
It’s been three months since the surgery and I can’t stop admiring the world without glasses and contact lenses. Eight hours of work every day caused my eyes to rebel against contact lenses and glasses were all that was left for me, which lowered my life quality. Especially that my sight defect was huge: -7.5 and -9.0. After the treatment (sight defect 0.0!!!) I cannot describe the feeling of having this new eyesight. The quality of vision is just amazing. ;-)) The receptionist, the nurses and a doctor are really warm and bosom and you can count on their professionalism. They answered all the questions about the treatment, which was quick and painless. I definitely recommend it!
Karolina 05.07.2012 , []

20.06.2012 - Awesome
Excellent service, everything within one day. I highly recommend!
Agnieszka 20.06.2012 []

26.05.2012 - eyes wide open :)
Today marks the second month since the treatment. The biggest problem for me was getting used to such a good vision!!! During the first days after the treatment, when I went to bed I had a feeling that I hadn’t removed my contact lenses, because I could see so clearly. ;) A super doctor and all staff and nurses. It’s not a “sponsored” comment, but it was just worth doing. Thank you and I really recommend it!
Justyna 26.05.2012 , []

21.04.2012 - WOW :D
Today is the 6th day after the surgery. I had a sight defect -4.25/-3.75 for almost 19 years. For those who are still undecided – I’m telling you: go for it. ;) After the surgery you get a pair of brand new eyes. ;) And now seriously – the treatment is painless, just outstanding, you get some “special effects” in a bundle. The medical service is PRO and ladies in the office (or how to call it? ;>) are very nice and always smiling. After the surgery you must be cautious and take care of yourself, but the effect from day to day is constantly better! My sight defect is 0.0 as for today!! :D
Chrystian 21.04.2012 , []

20.03.2012 - After a week
I underwent the treatment a week ago and I would like to express my gratitude for the nice service and for making my problem with glasses go away. After the treatment I instantly saw really well, but when I woke up the following day, I can firmly say, I had never seen so clearly. I would also like to thank the nurse who gave me courage during the procedure. Now I know there is nothing to be afraid of, but then… well, the fear of unknown… Greetings to all the team and see you during the control exam.
Grzegorz 20.03.2012 , []

23.10.2011 - 12.11.2010 - vision correction
It’s been almost a year since the operation and everything went terrific. I have been just tested by the optician and everything is ok now. Before, my sight defect was -6. :D
Anna 23.10.2011 , []

22.07.2011 - LASER
It’s been a year since the treatment. I had a sight defect -4.75 and astigmatism. I am really glad that I decided to have the procedure. I recommend the clinic and the staff.
Malgorzata 22.07.2011 , []

19.07.2011 - treatment
It has been month since the treatment. Tremendous effect, error of -4,75 reduced to zero. I strongly recommend. Big thanks :-)))
Agnieszka 19.07.2011 []

21.05.2011 - laser vision correction
It has been a month since the surgery, the effects are great. Error of -6 reduced to 0. I heartily recommend. Big thanks to all the ARTLIFE staff, especially the nurses.
JANKA 21.05.2011 []

30.01.2011 - ArtLife is a good choice
I decided to undergo the procedure 22.12.2010 and now I know it was the best Christmas present I could imagine. Although I was wearing glasses I had a problem seeing with both eyes because of different sight defect on each eye. This treatment is a miracle, after a few minutes you get new eyes and you can see things you didn’t see before. I recommend the procedure to everyone who is unhappy wearing glasses!!!!!
Adam 30.01.2011 , []

31.05.2010 - After a follow-up visit, 6 months after the surgery
Now I can, with absolute certainty, recommend ArtLife as a trustworthy place to undergo surgery. The examination, surgery, and follow-ups - everything was perfect. My error (-1,5D), however not that big was still bothersome, especially while driving. Today I feel secure and live comfortably without glasses. Greetings to the whole staff.
Sławek 31.05.2010 []

22.11.2010 - satisfied
I’m deeply satisfied with both the effects of the surgery and the staff. Professional doctor. Everything went smoothly. My sbk lasik surgery was performed a month ago. I recommend to those who are undecided. Greetings to the whole team.
Bartek 22.11.2010 []

28.12.2010 - Great thing
I wore glasses half my life – more than 13 years. The world from behind glasses was my everyday reality. I wasn’t totally decided for the treatment. One of my friends underwent such a procedure 10 years earlier and she described the healing process adversely. My resistance was huge. I decided to call the clinic. I was given all the answers to the nurturing questions I had and I was e-mailed some information concerning the procedure. I scheduled a meeting in two weeks because I didn’t want to wait any longer. I was received really well and after the qualification tests the surgery was scheduled on the same day. The whole procedure took such a small amount of time that I couldn’t believe when I was told it was over. After one more moment of relaxation in the room, I wore some sunglasses and went to my hotel. In the morning, after the control visit, I went home. I was surprised to see my conjunctives, because only one of them had a small, red dot, which disappeared after 3 weeks. It’s been 10 months since the treatment now I can really recommend it, because the world without glasses is much more beautiful. Greetings to the team of ArtLife. J
Agnieszka 28.12.2010 , []

09.12.2010 - Charming receptionists
My contact with ArtLife was a sheer pleasure. Although, during the procedure, I felt as if I was abducted by “aliens” everything went quickly, smoothly and professionally. Also, these really nice people at the reception!!! Than you.
Andrzej Stelmasiewicz 09.12.2010 , []

30.11.2010 - thanks
I was a little afraid, but it turned out there was no reason for that. The sight defect -7.5 is a lot, but now everything is fine. I can see very well, but my eyes hurt a little after long hours in front of a computer. All the staff in ArtLife were really nice and the doctor was matter-of-fact and competent. I feel strange without glasses (they felt as my second skin), but I can always wear sunglasses. I recommend the treatment to everyone.
Katarzyna 30.11.2010 , []

30.11.2010 - REVELATION!
The procedure went quickly, smoothly and safely. The healing process was super-fast – I could see perfectly on the next day. The clinic is nice, the staff is competent and the atmosphere is superb. I recommend the treatment to everyone. You can really start to see in a new way. I recommend it in 100%.
Teresa 30.11.2010 , []

22.09.2010 - GREAT SURGERY!
I recommend the laser vision correction treatment to everyone. I have had “new eyes” for two months and I don’t really want to recall my old ones. I am glad that I chose the treatment right here. I can honestly recommend ArtLife and the treatment, which was quick and painless. The effect is instant!!! I would like to thank all the staff for nice reception and efficient organization. I will promote ArtLife among all the “square-eyes” I’m going to meet. Greetings!
ASIA 22.09.2010 , []

09.02.2010 - Opinion - 2 months after the procedure
The SBK Lasik surgery took place in December 2009. Everything as expected, my ‘error’ is currently 0 D! I strongly recommend.
jw 09.02.2010 []

08.02.2010 - 6 months after the surgery
I underwent the SBK LASIK treatment last year. Next day after the surgery I could already see perfectly and my sight defect had been -7 in both eyes. I have recently been to a control examination and my vision is perfect. Although I had lots of doubts initially, I am really glad I decided to take up the procedure. The qualification tests gave me a little more certainty. I felt I was committing myself in good hands I wasn’t wrong. Everything went quickly, smoothly and with no complications. I went back to work just after a few days and everyone was amazed to see me without glasses that I had worn for 37 years. I recommend it and I’m saying “hi” to all short-sighted, long-sighted and all the staff in ArtLife.
Marek 08.02.2010 , []

15.06.2009 - New eyes
Agnieszka, 33 years old, animal rearing specialist (zootechnician), I’m actively practising sport - horse riding, wearing glasses since I was 3! On 5.06.2009 (Friday) I have undergone Laser Vision Correction surgery (myopia + astigmatism), method: SBK Lasik... Exactly at 5 pm I was given brand new eyes, the 5th June is my new birthday! Professional clinic, charming and professional staff, who care about their clients… Thank you!
Agnieszka 15.06.2009 []