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Laser vision correction surgery

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Safety & Quality

Laser vision correction is currently one of the least invasive and most effective ways of correcting eyesight defects. Highly predictable effects and new methods minimise the risk, making the laser procedures the least invasive refractive surgery – the safest way of correcting eyesight defects.

Laser vision correction is a great alternative for traditional ways of treating myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, such as glasses or contact lenses. What is more it gives the patients incomparably higher sense of comfort and freedom.

The WaveLight EX500 laser, as well as the other equipment used in the laser vision correction procedures, is ISO certified and has a Declaration of Conformity, which confirms their highest quality.
In order to receive permission from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to treat patients in the United States, WaveLight was required to conduct strictly controlled clinical trials on over 1200 myopic and hyperopic eyes and then to monitor and report the results over a one-year period following the treatments.
The results not only fulfilled the rigid standards of the American regulatory authorities, they exceeded them. Thus WaveLight effectively demonstrated the precision and the stability of its laser.

The safety of the procedure is strictly related to the highest quality of the microkeratome. The merit of our microkeratome system by MORIA is documented safety. It has been aproved worldwide: in the USA by the cerificate issued by FDA, by CE certificate in the European Union and by French medical certificate proving its advantage over former methods.