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Laser vision correction

- One day procedure - examination and treatment
- Overnight stay included in price of laser vision correction 
- Guaranteed accommodation

Laser vision correction, eye surgery, vision treatment, eyelid correction - Blepharoplasty

Centre ArtLife

Laser vision correction, laser eye surgery,
laser vision treatment, eyelid correction - blepharoplasty

The ArtLife Ophthalmologic Centre is currently equipped with diagnostic and surgery equipment of the highest quality. The main speciality of the Centre is a laser vision correction surgery from 2007 year. Operations performed with the use of methods SBK LASIK, TransPRK and LASEK allow to get rid of sight defects, such as short-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism and a combination of these defects. Apart from laser vision correction, ArtLife also offers small-scale ophthalmological treatments, qualification tests and specialized examinations including Keratoconus diagnosis.

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Laser vision correction - ArtLife Ophtalmologic Centre Gdansk

What is laser vision correction ?

Thanks to excimer laser beams the surface of the cornea is modelled: in case of short-sightedness it is flattened and in case of far-sightedness the laser beam will cause the protrusion of the cornea. As a consequence of the treatment, an image is correctly focused on the retina and a patient’s sight is entirely and permanently improved.

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Laser vision correction qualifying research

Laser vision correction qualifying research

The results of the qualification test decide whether a patient qualifies for laser vision correction. During the qualification test, a doctor examines the structure of the cornea (these parameters are later entered into the laser) and exact values of the defect as well as individual traits of the eye.

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ArtLife One Day Procedure. Laser Vision Correction.

One Day Procedure

Since 2009, as few facilities in Poland we offer qualifying examination and laser vision correction in one day procedure. Examination along with the surgery itself within ONE day is chosen by over 90% of our clients. While holidays, business trip or while visiting your family you can get rid of your vision error forever.

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What our customers say about ArtLife

19-04-2019 - I highly recommend this clinic to everyone

I am extremely satisfied with the service offered in the ArtLIfe Centre. The whole team is very friendly, the doctor is nice, has an individual approach towards each patient and has conducted the surgery almost painlessly. I saw an instant result after the procedure and I did not experience any complications. I highly recommend this clinic to everyone who is planning to undergo laser vision correction.

Paulina [37.47.XX.XXX]

12-03-2019 - A clinic of miracles

I would like to warmly thank Piotr Kanclerz and the whole ArtLife team for the miracles they performed on both of my eyes and for letting me see as well as I used to back in the day! I know that it is simply medicine combined with optics, yet for me, as supposedly for other patients, it is a "new life". Professional and efficient care I received made me feel extremely safe and comfortable. Dear future patients… if you still have any doubts or fears, you should by all means shake them off! The results of the surgery outbalance the costs a hundredfold! I recommend this clinic without any hesitation!

Arnold [83.30.XX.XXX]

10-12-2018 I higly recommend the surgery!

I used to be very sceptical about laser vision correction; however, in order to get my dream job I had to have perfect vision without defects. A long conversation I had with the ArtLife receptionist resolved all my doubts and as soon as two days later I arrived in Gdansk. On the same day I had both the preliminary qualifying examination and the surgery itself, and the results were visible from the very beginning. Both the doctor and the whole ArtLife team were very kind and friendly. I am extremely happy because thanks to the ArtLife Ophthalmologic Centre I have manager to get a job I had dreamt about.


07-12-2018 Super happy!

I underwent a laser vision correction surgery on 29 November 2018. I am super happy with the results and I wish I had decided to have the procedure much earlier. The ArtLife team are very friendly and have a professional attitude towards the patient. I fully recommend the clinic to everyone.



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