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Laser vision correction

- One day procedure
- Overnight in the price of laser vision correction surgery
- Guaranteed accommodation

Laser vision correction, eye surgery, vision treatment, eyelid correction - Blepharoplasty

Centre ArtLife

Laser vision correction, eye surgery,
vision treatment, eyelid correction - Blepharoplasty

The ArtLife Ophthalmologic Centre is currently equipped with diagnostic and surgery equipment of the highest quality. The main speciality of the Centre is a laser vision correction surgery. Operations performed with the use of methods LASIK, SBK LASIK, Epi-LASIK and LASEK allow to get rid of sight defects, such as short-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism and a combination of these defects. Apart from laser vision correction, ArtLife also offers small-scale ophthalmological treatments, qualification tests and specialized examinations including Keratoconus diagnosis.

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Laser vision correction - ArtLife Ophtalmologic Centre Gdansk

What is laser vision correction ?

Thanks to excimer laser beams the surface of the cornea is modelled: in case of short-sightedness it is flattened and in case of far-sightedness the laser beam will cause the protrusion of the cornea. As a consequence of the treatment, an image is correctly focused on the retina and a patient’s sight is entirely and permanently improved.

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Laser vision correction qualifying research

Laser vision correction qualifying research

The results of the qualification test decide whether a patient qualifies for laser vision correction. During the qualification test, a doctor examines the structure of the cornea (these parameters are later entered into the laser) and exact values of the defect as well as individual traits of the eye.

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ArtLife One Day Procedure. Laser Vision Correction.

One Day Procedure

Since 2009, as few facilities in Poland we offer qualifying examination and laser vision correction in one day procedure. Examination along with the surgery itself within ONE day is chosen by over 90% of our clients. While holidays, business trip or while visiting your family you can get rid of your vision error forever.

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What our customers say about ArtLife


It has been a week since my SBK Lasik surgery. It has been absolutely painless and very quick. I would also like to thank the entire team, which is very professional and dedicated to their work. The atmosphere of the clinic makes all the stress vanish and calms down any insecure patient. I will always remember what this clinic has done for me life and will sincerely recommend it to anyone who wants to change their life. THANK YOU once again. Greetings,
Robert R.

Robert 16.03.2017 [89.229.XX.XXX]

10-03-2017 – Laser vision correction

On the March 9th 2017 I had my one-day-procedure surgery. I was very scared - which was rather unnecessary. From the moment I entered ArtLife for the qualifying examination to the very end of all proceedings I felt very good. Everyone is very kind and professional. During the surgery Mrs. Ela (the nurse) was holding my hand and I am very grateful for that. The surgery itself was very fast and I was very happy at the end of it. The Doctor was very calm – a fantastic woman who was able to transfer all her peace and calmness into me. The whole team is amazing and very positive. Thank you for my new eyes!

Magda 10.03.2017 [188.146.XX.XXX]


A stressed man can easily find peace here. My refractive error was quite big: +6,5, (mixed astigmatism) in one eye and +5,5 in the other eye. The error which made my life very hard was repaired almost instantly!
Thank you for your very kind approach and support, great doctor and a disco while laying down ;)
6 weeks in Poland were the best holidays of my life – thanks to you all! ;)

Justyna 10.11.2016 [94.197.XX.XXX]

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